What clients have to say about Superhuman Hawaii.

Thanks to Rachel I am no longer prediabetic! I decreased my fasting glucose levels from 103 to 85 in just two months by changing up my diet and lifestyle. The numbers say it all, but the coaching she provided was invaluable. I could not have done this without her practical and realistic approach to diet and nutrition, not to mention the knowledge she imparted on me about food and its effects on my body (realized how much I actually did not know). Rachel’s recipe and food suggestions were of enough variety to find what would work for me. Although I also would not have been successful without being personally willing to change my approach, I would not have known where to start or been able to persevere without her guidance! Our weekly discussions were encouraging and informative and made this exercise a gradual and digestible process. Losing a few pounds along the way was a bonus. Mahalo Superhuman Hawaii!
— Lorri
I thought I was living a fairly healthy lifestyle, but Rachel taught me what it was to truly go beyond normal health and fitness. I feel better than ever!
— Jan
I’ve been doing core training with Rachel for about 3 years. Rachel makes sure that the training is appropriate for our fitness level and ability but at the same time she continually challenges us to improve. With her background in athletic training and sports medicine, she is knowledgeable about fitness, injury prevention, nutrition and wellness. Rachel is very professional, organized and brings a lot of positive energy to our training sessions. I feel stronger, have better balance and feel more fit as a result of my core training with Rachel. On top of all that, she makes working out fun!
— Gail
After working with several different health professionals I finally found someone that can produce results!
— Marie